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Cool Sculpting Machine / Cryolipolysis Lipolaser 104 diodes Body Shaping Beauty Equipment
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Product: Views:14Cool Sculpting Machine / Cryolipolysis Lipolaser 104 diodes Body Shaping Beauty Equipment 
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Cool Sculpting Machine / Cryolipolysis Lipolaser 104 diodes Body Shaping Beauty Equipment


Dual Handle Cryolipolysis Lipolaser with 104 diodes 100mw-300mw Beauty Equipment For Coolsculpting Body Shaping , CTL62


Quick details :



1.       Cryolipolysis lipolaser / coolsculpting Body shaping system.

2.       Cryotherapy with double handles working at same time.

3.       Cryolipolysis with 5 to -16 Celsius

4.       Double vacuum and Cooling system

5.       Reducing 3.5 to 7 inches after one treatment

6.       104 Inches Chromatic Touch screen

7.        Mitsubishi diode lights ML101J27

8.       6 paddles, 4 big ones each with 24 diodes, 2 small ones each with 4 diodes








Dual handles Cryolipolysis Lipolaser is a non-invasive procedure that gently and effectively removes fat from targeted areas of the body that have not responded to traditional diet and exercise.  Its principle relies on controlled cooling for non-invasive local reduction of fat deposits to reshape body contours.The exposure to cooling is set so that it causes cell death of subcutaneous fat tissue without apparent damage to the overlying skin. The procedure is billed as a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction. It is most effective in removing fat from the abdomen, love handles (flanks) and back.




Advantages: Cryolipolysis/Fat freezing machine equipment.



As a completely non-invasive procedure, Cryolipolysis lipolaser offers patients many benefits over other fat reduction procedures.
1. The most popular new way to lose weight among the world
2.Effective to lose stubborn fat,such as back,waist,buttocks,and belly,etc.

3. Can be up to 26% of the treatment area to destroy fat. 
4. No downtime,feel free to do other things you like during the operation. 

5.Superior RF and ultrasound fat melting technology.
6.  Quickly cellulite removal/No need for anesthesia/Pain free/No incisions






 Cryolipolysis Lipolaser treatments results can be enhanced by using Vela shape, Lipolaser and RF sessions in between each treatment, which helps by increasing the breakage of the broken fat cells, lymph drainage and skin tightening.


Researching suggests that the procedure can reduce the treated fat layer by 20%~ 40 % adding that the average reduction is 20%. Additional Cryolipolysis  procedures can be performed after two to four months, resulting in another 20 percent reduction in the fat layer.


Visible differences in contour emerge after about 3 weeks, but the most dramatic results take up to two months to show. The results are considered permanent because the treated fat cells are eliminated.







Input voltage

AC110V/220V 50-60Hz

Power consumption



104 inch wide color touch screen

Cooling output temperature

5 to -16°C

Output Vacuum pressure


Cooling liquid

pure water

Default time


Fuse size


Ambient temperature


Relative humidity


Atmospheric pressure


LED Light wave length


Laser Wave length

660nm and 980nm dual wave length

Laser Energy Output

104x100MW, 104x300mw

Laser Pads

6 laser pads,24 laser lights each big pads

Big/Small Handle Size


Big/Small Cryo Pad Size







Competitive Advantage:



1.Two effective radiators to ensure machine working till 10 hours

2. 104 inch color touch screen.

3. Power supply, imported from Meanwell, Taiwan.

4. Taiwan water pump.

5. Proportional valve, imported from Germany.

6. Double air pump, imported from Taiwan.

7. Japan EMC Solenoid valve.

8. Cooling temperature: -16~5 degrees.

9. Cooling pads, semiconductor ceramic. Handle size: 18*5.5*5.7cm and cool plate size: 5*7.8cm.

10. Contact skin parts: Medical use silicagel, soft to make customers feel comfortable during treatment.


  • Vacuum power: 100Kpa.
  • Quality ABS case.
  • Professional inner electronic structure, to ensure stable working.
  • Double handles work at the same time.   .
  • One course is successful to reduce 16.42kg fat


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