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Woundless Lymph Drainage Massage Machine
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Product: Views:17Woundless Lymph Drainage Massage Machine 
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Woundless Pressotherapy Lymph Drainage Massage Machine For Body Forming BR601


Quick details :


1. 24 cells air pressure pressotherapy system

2. Lymph drainage for Eye massage with whole body massage

3. Air pressure: 20~360 mmHg ( Pump max pressure 37.5KPa)

4. Four modes of air wave

5. Help to remove cellulite effectively

6. OEM/ ODM/ Brand service

7. CE, RoHS Approved





Pressotherapy Lymph Drainage an exclusive detoxifying treatment, which through effective lymphatic

drainage, helps to promote the bodys natural toxin clearing functions. The revitalization

and oxygenation of the tissue helps to slim and redefine the legs, stomach and arms while

enhancing skin tone.


It is used by aesthetic professionals in salons, clinics, and spas. It markedly helps to treat cellulite and with body forming. It is also a necessary tool in studios wher cavitation, cryolipolysis or RF treatments are operated. Operation at pressures from 20 to 360mmHg, and offers a wide range of different massage cycles.





Plastic surgery - pre/post liposuction (edema reduction, recovery)

Aesthetic salons - cellulite treatments, adjunctive treatment for vacuum roller (vacuomobilization) massage.

Spa/home use - cellulite treatments, massage and relaxation.


  • For body shaping;
  • For skin elasticity recovery;
  • For rehabilitation and fatigue overcome after physical exercise;
  • Distress, insomnia;
  • Restless legs syndrome;
  • Weaken blood circulation;
  • After-surgery and after-injury edemas;
  • For varicose therapy and prevention, other venous diseases;
  • For lymphatic system function normalization and improvement;
  • Lymph edema;
  • For venous thrombosis prevention in bed-ridden patients;
  • During rehabilitation period after surgeries;
  • Rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Cerebral palsy and paraplegia;
  • Hampered intestines function;
  • Gynoid lipodystrophy (cellulite).



Competitive Advantage:


Easy to change air bags

  1. 24 air bags independent and easy to change.

Easy to use

  1. Connectors allow easy applicator swapping .Just plug in and treat
  2. Compression flow is easy to control with the button screen

Easy to handle

  1. Full length,high quality zipper for quick and easy dressing/undressing,changing size.
  2. Automatic sleeves emptying after treatment for comfortable handing.

Easy to clean

  1. Both inside and outside water proof material
  2. Disposable trousers and jacket

Powerful air pump

  1. The air pump imported from Taiwan and the air pressure from 20~360mmGH and keep the machine can work well.

Special noise reduction device

  1.  Special noise reduction device to keep the noise less than 50dB.

Eye massage

  1. 5 programs with special eyes massage mode ( including three programs,heat,vibration,air massage)




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